How to Choose?

Essenz- Michigan @ Essenz mainstore


Just a thought… when you get dressed in the morning how do you pick your outfit? That could be a question for RL or SL. I guess in RL I just go for comfort. I am not big on fashion in RL (shock face). I actually hate shopping. There is something about trying on a million things till I find one thing I like that just isn’t appealing to me. Then let’s talk about the disappointment when you find something you love and it costs three times the amount you wanted to spend.  Anyway… the point is that I always think about why I wear something. In SL today, I had the choice of these sexy Essenz boots or these anklet chains by Glow Designs. AHHH choices! Lucky for you, you can pick up both and wear them on different days… or if you are like me, you can wear them in the same day with a different outfit 🙂 TOOTLES
.::Glow Designs::.- Cross Chain Anklet @ Designer Circle


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