Boho Shoes
                                                                                                  Essenz- Turin @ Boho Culture Fair III

Welcome to one of my fetishes in SL… SHOES! What girl doesn’t love shoes? There are so many shoes at the Boho Culture Fair III I just had to show you a few of them. These were just some stand outs to me, but really go take a look for yourself. If I took a photo of all of them you would have to officially make this the longest post you have ever seen from me. Have fun shopping at the fair and hope to bump into you there. TOOTLES!
                                                                                 Essenz- Dublin @ Boho Culture Fair III
                                                                              Poute- Tussle Boots @ Boho Culture Fair III
                                                           Suicide Gurls- Boheme Slink Accessory @ Boho Culture Fair III
                                                                             Poute- Rhapsody Flats @ Boho Culture Fair III
                                                                      GAALL- Tartessos sandals @ Boho Culture Fair III

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