Sex Appeal

If you look around SL you will more than likely see women half naked running around saying how sexy they look and such. It is our mind set to wear these things in SL because more than likely you wont be able to wear it in RL without getting some very crazy looks. This week, sex appeal has been on my mind. I am VERY single in SL to the point where it is sad. I am honestly married to my blog which Is fine by me, but it can’t cuddle me and keep me warm either. I have been told I dress too conservative for SL. In order to attract a man I need to dress in something very sexy and lay it all out there. When did sexy become about how much skin you have to show? Why can’t smarts and confidence and being covered up be just as sexy as dressed in lingerie like above. I believe more than anything that sexy isn’t about what you wear but about the state of mind that you are in. Sexy is about loving yourself enough to respect yourself and not walk around half naked. I am certainly not downing those that choose to do this… but when I choose not to I expect the same kind of respect. Do not down someone for not being the normal or the ordinary. Just my two cents for the day… Everyone have a great week 🙂 TOOTLES


Skin– Glam Affair- Cleo in Jamaica

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– IKON- Hope Eyes in Nymph

HairMagika– No *New*

Lingerie– chocolate atelier- Wendi in black @ Penumbra AW14

Shoes– Hilly Haalan Fashions- Lia Strass pumps black @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Pose– Sari-Sari- Relax Sits poses

7 thoughts on “Sex Appeal

  1. I have been in SL for over 10 years now and have never succumbed to the less is more mindset. I have also been told that I need to “sex it up” to attract a male lol If I have to do that to create interest in me, that is not the kind of companion I want. To me, sexiness is in the brain. Stimulate my brain before you can stimulate any other part of my body!

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