Wild At Heart

This week I have really been kind of homesick. I haven’t lived in my hometown for almost 8 full years now, but it seems that I am getting told about everything going on that I am missing. There is always a week out of the year where I really miss home. Strange enough its never on a holiday. A song came on the radio called Wild At Heart, and I immediately started working on this photo. Its a song that pretty much represents my hometown in a fun fabulous way. So to go a little wild, I enlisted the help of this EMPORIUM dressed called Tina 2. You can find this at the 24 Squared event. It also includes lola appliers which is really nice because I find it hard to find good mesh clothes that have them. I did not wear them for this photo, but they are included with a color changing HUD to pick and choose colors if you do not want to go wild with me. Also, TRUTH has new hairs out!!!! Time to go crazy… RUN! lol I love the flood of people in TRUTH on release days and it is so fun to me to see everyone appreciate such well made hair. I am in love with them 🙂 Enjoy your shopping while I go dance to my youtube video. TOOTLES


Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Eyes– [Buzz]- Crystal Eye in Ice

HairTRUTH– Posy in light brown

Dress– EMPORIUM- Tina Dress 2 @ 24 Squared

Jewelry-(Yummy)- Beaded Statement Set in black @ Collabor88



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