Rock Your Rack Begins

Rock Your Rack 2014 Official AD

It is the time you have all been waiting for!!! Rock Your Rack is officially OPEN!!! There is going to be plenty of things to keep you busy through the weeks, but I am just going to start off with some of the performers that are coming up this week for your enjoyment. Also, I am going to include some landmarks so you can easily get around. SOOO here we go…


Sim 1

Salimar Sim

Sim includes Delirium Style, Lybra!, Concert Venue, Dance Party Venue, Fashion Show Runway, Silent Auction Area, and Snack Bar Area


Sim 2

Violator Sim

Sim includes !!Smesh, *PosESion*, .:Senso:., AIMI Skin Reborn, B&T Atelier and mesh studio, Dot-Be, Entice, Fresh Face, Gacha Area #2, Hollyhood, J & A Rock Culture, KaTink Poses, KL Couture, Liv Glam, Living Imagination, Lyrical B!zarre, Maci, Moondance Boutique, Nya’s Shop, PixyStix, PoshPixels, Prism, Resun, Silk Dreams, Snowpaws, Soul Designs, Vero Modero, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Xen’s Hats, {MUA}, and {ZOZ}


Sim 3

AD Sim

Sim includes *PoseWay*, .:JUMO:., 2 Peas Design, [[Masoom]], Alexithymia, B. Barbie Style, Bliensen + MaiTai, BN Designs, BRAVURA Homme, Dragons’ Designs, Dulce Secrets, Essenz, Gacha Area #1, Glam Dreams, Goth1cO, JK Style, Kaithleen’s, Legal Insanity, LoveMe, M&M Female Fashion, Miss Darcy, MochaWear, ModaMia, MUTE. & Barley Legal Couture, Ooh-La-La, Paisley Diasy, Poet’s Heart, Purplemoon, Razmataz Art, Romance Couture, Schon, Silken Moon, Styles by Danielle, {le fil casse}, and {{BSD Design Studio}}



September 2nd- 7th

Rose Skupik RYR AD - Tuesday, Sept. 2 - 6pm SLT


DJDee Dance Party RYR AD - Wednesday, Sept. 3 - 12pm SLT

DJStormy Dancy Party RYR AD - Thursday, Sept. 4 - 11am SLT

Dilah Halostar RYR AD - Friday, Sept. 5 - 12pm SLT

Bartelby Pegler RYR AD - Sunday, Sept. 7 - 3pm SLT

DJStorm Dance Party RYR AD - Sunday, Sept. 7 - 4pm SLT


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