Around the Grid Hunt Preview 2

Took a tiny bit of a break for myself but now I am back to the hunting… are you? Have you found all the items in the Around the Grid Hunt? There are so many I am not sure I can find them myself, but I wanted to give you a small glimpse of a few of my favorites. I will post what the item is, what store you can find it from, and the hint at that store. You can find the links to the stores and the hints at the I & R Fun with Hunts blog. Also, if you would like to see the first preview you can click HERE. Good luck and happy hunting ūüôā TOOTLES

Shirt and CaprisР!Beautiful Dangerous!- HINT: Have you stopped to smell the flowers? 

Log Planter– WOOD WORKS-¬†HINT: ¬†Even if your name isn’t Glen, ¬†when you’re moseying around the grid stop by the Cottage

This Way SignsРRVi Design- HINT:  Please check the hint giver at the hunt sign.



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