Into My Sole


I am so behind on things… I try not to be, but when you have so many events going on at once it can be a little time consuming. I saw someone post a list of events going on this month in SL and I was in shock. I had no idea there were actually so many. As a blogger, there is an urge to want to check out every single one of them but then it would take me even longer than the month. I even spotted about 20 hunts going on this month as well. One designer I do keep up with though, no matter the event, is Essenz. The Singapore shoe, pictures above, is one of the new releases at The Black Fashion Fair and will be available in six different colors for high slink feet till August 22nd. Also, it is that time of week…. Hello Tuesday is going on today and Essenz is sure to deliver here as well. Sevilla, pictured below, is the release set out for Hello Tuesday this week and in a limited color only available here and only today. DO NOT miss this 🙂 TOOTLES


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