Playing Catch-Up
                 Essenz- La Paz @ My Attic @ the deck

I have been slightly MIA the past couple of weeks and it will only get worse. I have my in laws coming to visit this next week… FUN! I wanted to catch you up on a few things going on with Essenz. Currently, La Paz is at My Attic @ The Deck (pictured above). This offer expires on July 31st so you need to get your shoe fetish on and go get these! This shoes comes in 6 different colors… NO fatpacks though! Also, a BRAND new store just opened… Yes Essenz just opened up a new store at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room Sim and for the very first Hello Tuesday, You get to purchase a limited color shoe made specifically for Hello Tuesday that will only be available for Hello Tuesday. Essenz is releasing Geneva in a limited blue color (pictured below). So many shoes and so little time! TOOTLES
         Essenz- Geneva Limited blue @ Hello Tuesday




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