Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt Preview 1

I seem to have a busy plate lately… No time for waiting around for something to do like I use to do. Because of this, I have had to create a list of items to do and get motivated. It isn’t hard to get motivated to blog things, but sometimes I have to have an idea in mind to put down. My idea today was to relax and go on a hunt. The Around the Grid in 80 days hunt started this past week and thank goodness we have 80 days (September 30th) … There are so many designers I have currently lost count! Each item is 1L to purchase, which… lets face it… that is a freaking deal!!! You can check out all the designers and their hints on the I & R’s Fun With Hunts blog.

                             StoraxTree: Hint- look near hunt poster

To open these items, I decided to take a trip to the beach. This adorable Taxi by StoraxTree was a perfect way to get there. It is drive-able, so there is hours of fun to be had! This is one of the hunt items available up for grabs. Such great items this year! While on this trip I came across this adorable sim called ..with love in her heart... You are allowed to rez here which is great! Another side note from the hunt items… 

                         Room Five- Hint: Did you get your “five” a day?

This adorable outfit is the hunt item set out by Room Five. The hat, purse, and dress that you see here is only just 1L if you can find the hunt item. 🙂 Also, this cute necklace is made by Exquisite Jewellery and comes with a male and female version as long as you can find the item. Don’t you just love hunts! Can spend hours just looking for that one item that you want oh so badly! 🙂 Good luck with all the hunting and please stay tuned for even more previews which will be coming along the way. Plenty of time and plenty of designers! TOOTLES

                           Exquisite Jewellery: Hint- Have a seat



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