Essenz Anniversary Sale


 Essenz - Anniversary sale July 15th - July 28th

Calling all shoe fanatics!!!! Essenz is having her ONE YEAR anniversary sale going on till July 28th. During this sale ALL her shoes in her main store (fatpacks excluded) are on sale for 50% off. SLINK SHOES!!!!!!!! Also, this will include a brand new release called Denver, which you can see pictured below. Also, starting on July 15th, a few new things will be coming to Essenz for you to look forward to. There are now going to be more color options! Some shoes will now include small fatpacks which will have an extra 3 colors. Now, if you already own a few fatpacks of these shoes then you should know that one hud works for all shoes. So if you put on one pair and want to swap the shoes for a different fatpack pair that you have, you do not need to switch huds. You can use the same hud for all the fatpack shoes. This will work the same way with the new colors as well. The new color fatpacks will work all together as well. You will also now be able to join an in world VIP group. You can join to receive free gifts and a 15% off store credit on every purchase that you make. During this sale the group will be free to join till the 21st… after this … it goes up to L$350!!!! When you tp into the main store, you will now see a wall with landmarks to all of the current events which Essenz will be participating in. Isn’t this fabulous?? No need to try to keep track for yourself anymore. Just go to the store and take a look and grab the LM there. This has been one full year for Essenz and let’s help celebrate with Senzation! TOOTLES



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