Counting Minutes


Skin– Lara Hurley – Ivy in natural tan

Body: Slink- Physique Mesh Body

Eyes– IKON- Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair– *ARGRACE*- Haruka

Dress– Poute- A Minute Too Late gown @ Hello Tuesday

Pose– My own

Set Creator- Anderian Sugarplum- Flickr and Blog

A Huge thank you to my friend Anderian! She built this whole set for a photo and just so happened to go perfect with this dress from Poute which is to DIE FOR!!!! You can go grab it at Hello Tuesday, which Poute has went ahead and set this item out for grabs! Also, I linked Ande’s Flickr and Blog above so you can go see the many fabulous sets and photos that she makes! ❤ TOOTLES



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