Slink Physique Skin Appliers

The “rage” this past week has been all about the new Slink Physique Mesh Body! I immediately ran to Slink on Wednesday morning and wrote a review about the mesh body here, but I wrote a strict review about the skin that was provided with the Slink body. I began to think about things after my review… yes I made a comment about wanting to see the body with a different skin but between all of that I was really harsh with my initial review about the skin. I then went on a search for a skin that I would like. I loved my last skin from :Modish:, so I wanted something I could feel equally happy about and just something different. I went on a search for a skin and I finally settled with the Ivy skin in natural tan from Lara Hurley. This skin has a softness my other one did not have. Now that I have put this skin on with the Slink body I am a lot more pleased about it. I have started creating outfits here and there trying to form clothes around the new shape and skin and I am more pleased than I was at first glance. If you are willing to work with it, it can work for you… I decided that others may need help knowing who has appliers. This is in no way an accurate list… there are probably even more skin makers than this that have them, but these are the ones that I went to. Hope you find this helpful! TOOTLES

Glam Affair – L$349

Izzies– L$449

Adam N Eve – L$500 plus freckle appliers for L$275

Deluxe Body Factory – L$449

The Skinnery – L$280

DeeTaleZ – L$295

.::WoW Skins::. – L$200

Lara Hurley – L$150 (compatible with certain skins)

[ HUSH ] – L$450



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