A New Me

I have been doing a slight inner exploration lately. I asked a few days ago on my Facebook account what makes a good blogger? The responses were overwhelming and I am just going to roll with my own thing… There is no wrong or right way at doing this. I am going to start changing a little thing that I use to hate. I got so board with seeing just the credits on blogs and nothing personal from a blogger, but I think the list of items is also important. It is going to take some getting use to. I do enjoy the fact that there is always more to learn and more ways to grow as a person and a blogger. Blogging has become part of the center focus for me here in SL and I am very happy about the day I started blogging. The past eight months have been full of ups and downs in SL but the constant thing that I have is my blog. My outlet to throw whatever I am feeling or thinking down and not feel judged for being me. This coupled with all the places I have been and outfits I have shared, I think it makes my blog a good blog… because it is good to me and that is what matters the most. This is 100% who I am and nothing less. Take me or leave me… but I am on this link to stay! ;P


Skin– :Modish: – Nyva skin in Honey

Eyes– IKON- Spectral Eyes in Nymph

Hair– Eaters Coma- Hair 49 in Mocha

Dress– .::Loovus Dzevavor::.- Galactic Dress in Cayenne @ Designer Showcase

Jewelry- (Yummy)- Pearl Wisp Set in white

Shoes– Slink- Lulu Add-on in Cream for Medium feet

Time to turn my own tables:



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