Spin for a Cause


I rather enjoy my weekend breaks now. I have slacked off blogging for every day to about every two days and I think it has relieved a lot of pressure I was putting on myself. While I get a break, others who are sick do not! I was thrilled to see that Poute was participating in this years Fashion For Life event. All donations will go to Relay for Life which will then go to the American Cancer Society. Everyone knows SOMEONE with cancer… its a horrible disease and the sooner we can find a cure the better. The biggest difference for this years fair is that EVERY item has a percentage of donations that goes to Relay for Life. This Floret hairpiece is a rare item which you can pay 50L for in a gacha. The white and pink are both rares, but I have to say… all the colors are beautiful and worth the payment considering the cause… Poute has decided that 15% of all proceeds raised for her gacha machine will go towards this cause. You can take the taxi here and try your luck. While you are there, you can explore the 10 sims, 150 stores, and play a little passport game to get a few gifts. I know how I am spending my Sunday 🙂  TOOTLES


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