Perfect Garden


It has been a while for me… but I am finally back blogging for RVi Design and it is such a relief. Her newest release kinda makes me a tad sad though. I only say that because last week I was out in my flower beds working my behind off to get the plants in the ground and weeds out of the beds and I log into SL and quickly rez up my own garden. Why can’t things work like that in RL???? I would set my RL garden up just like Roshy has created here with these adorable potted plants and shelves. They even come with adorable signs so just in case you didn’t notice what you had there you could read it. Hmm… curious what other kind of plants I could put out… maybe a weed sign would work?

I want to take a moment to explain about everything you see here. First off, Roshy is amazing and puts everything in a value pack so that all you have to do is rez the box and move on… BUT just in case you were wondering… you can unlink the items and move them around how you want them. In the photo above, I rezzed out the value box (click here for marketplace link) and they all appear in a nice little row. I am a messy person and I tend to like things everywhere, so I decided to unlink them and move them around how I wanted. These are all modify and copy items. When you unlink the items, the plants are together, the sign is its own item, and the shelve is a single item. If you want to move the whole shelf as one unit you will need to get into your edit screen on say the shelves and then hold down SHIFT and then click the other items you want to move together. You may laugh that I am telling you this but sadly enough I just discovered this not too long ago (insert your laughter here). Also on the ground, I have rezzed out some of the single pots which you can purchase individually if you would like (marketplace link). I really encourage you to explore the in world store as well as the marketplace store because the options are really endless. All of the plants you see in this photo including the shelves and signs all add up to a low land impact of 15! That is a small amount of LI for something that takes up a nice bit of space. Both of which are important to me! 🙂


As always, group members get an extra 50% off all new releases! On top of this amazing deal, you also have a chance to play the new gacha machine located at the in world store. This machine is L$50 to play and even includes items from the most recent releases for you. The items from the gacha are transfer but NO copy! Take your time and take a field trip over to the sim and have a great day! TOOTLES


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