Hello Poute

I am never going to say that I actually look forward to Mondays. Who would say that? Maybe someone who had a Monday as a Friday and was off for the next however many days. The one plus side to a Monday is that I can say tomorrow is Hello Tuesday and I get to have some shopping therapy!!! Why do you shop so much? I was a little upset this past week about some things and before i realize it, I had spend about L$500 in hair and was on the verge of purchasing more. I am a slight hair addict. This post has nothing to do with hair but just an example of my shopping therapy I guess. Hello Tuesday is my Monday therapy and I wanted to show you an essential new piece of my wardrobe. This Silk ruffles one shoulder top from Poute is one of these fabulous discounted Hello Tuesday items that you can find located in front of most of the stores on the Cosmopolitan Sales Room Sim. Come by today and check it all out. I have to say… I am pretty impressed! Even some slink shoes ladies!!! TOOTLES


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