Busy Bee

Boy what a weekend!! I have been out and about and barely in SL so I want to take a moment and apologize to those that were waiting for me over the weekend. I have family moving into town. This is the first time I will actually be living in the same city… and just 3 minutes down the street! I am excited because I know things will be busy but in a good way. With my husbands job, we do not get to be around our family so this is a happy time. It has been 3 days since I last blogged. THREE DAYS!!! Withdrawals are kicking in so here we go…

I meant to show you a couple of new exclusives this weekend but, as you can see, I haven’t been around. I was first introduced to .:Glow Designs:. when I began blogging for Cosmopolitan Sales Room and I have been happy ever since. I was asked to be an official blogger for them about a month ago, give or take. This was a highlight for me because it is one thing to be a part of a sales room and be given a good job, it is a completely different thing when the designer asks you to blog for them on top of just for the sales room. A huge thank you to Sckarlett for giving me an opportunity like this. Since I started with Cosmo, I figured I needed to show off the Pencil Dress in Hemlock. The fit is fabulous and I had no need to do any additional editing to this photo at all. What you see is a raw shot thanks to my lovely super computer as my friends call it, lol! The WL gave more of a bluish tint to the photo but the dress is more of a green color. You can see the colors if you go to Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The dress will be there till this Saturday, June 7th. Also, this adorable book bag is available at .:Fashion Stars:.. I love the Eiffel Tower charm hanging from it and it also matches earrings that Sckarlett has released previously. While your at it, might as well go check out her mainstore as well! She always brings an elegance to SL that you will love 🙂 TOOTLES


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