What Is Art?


Lines, color, perspective, light, color, and texture. These words are filling up my head because I just finished an art lecture for one of my classes. They are asking us to visualize different pieces of art and compare and contrast different medias. Now, I know your not in my class… but I am finding myself doing this with my photos in SL. It is driving me nuts!!!! Does this somehow make my photos art now? No I definitely don’t think so… but it does cause me to look at the textures of the items I am showing just a little differently.


 I have so many new items I just can’t possibly show them all to you and write about each one. I do love the fit and textures of everything you see here. New releases from RIR Life and New items at the new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room. I hope you enjoy! TOOTLES




Shirt: Twice mesh top with color HUD by RIR Life

Pants: Roses mesh jeans in light blue by RIR Life

Bangles: Executive Bangles by Baubles! @ Cosmo

Ring: Sky Gem Ring by Baubles! @ Cosmo

Purse: Puggy Pursey in blue by *[MeshedUp]* @ Cosmo

Poses: Fashionista pose HUD by Tabou Irresistible @ Cosmo



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