Piece Me Together


A new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room has begun and you really have a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need. There are a lot of new and exciting things going on which include new guest designers, discounted items, and me! I am not new to CSR, but I am the new blogging manager. I am excited and thrilled to be working with some of the grids best designers and bloggers. I am really thrilled to see what is to come from such a talented group.


To kick off this new round, I wanted to deck myself out from head to toe in all things Cosmo. I have decided this time to make a list of all that I am wearing… I really do hate to do the list thing because it takes away from my actual opinion of every item but really, they are all very nicely done yet again! I will quickly say this though… The Panda Punx skin does come with ALL appliers which does include the Wowmeh appliers. I am not wearing my Wowmeh in the photo but rather my Lola’s and Cute Azz. The Bodysuit came with those appliers instead of the Wowmeh. I wanted to make everyone aware of the appliers because I know people are being picky about them lately with all the new items coming out. I hope you enjoy this new round at Cosmo just as much as I do! TOOTLES




Skin: Idrany Skin by .:Panda Punx:.

Hair: Schatzi Rigged Mesh bubblegum pack by *~*Damselfly*~* (NEW hair and 30% off)

Bodysuit: Keleton Bodysuit in grey by Magnifique

Bracelet: CSR Bracelet by *PROMAGIC*

Headpiece: Coming up Roses in Lilac by .:Buttery Toast:.

Shoes: Almina High Heel in black (high slink add on) by Bens Boutique


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