Flirting 105

Flirting with danger is a statement we have all read about or heard from people when they talk about doing something dangerous. Do you consider flirting with a partnered or a person who is taken as a dangerous act?

The past two weeks I have asked some men and women questions about flirting and how they felt on certain subjects. You can view the women’s answer here. One of these was flirting with someone who was taken. There were some mixed reviews on the topic. On one hand….. if this was RL then people would more than likely say no. With this being SL, people are a little more relaxed on the topic. How comfortable do you really need to be in order to flirt with someone taken. A lot of the answers suggests that you flirt just to be nice and have a little bit of fun and maybe make a new friend. What if you are taken yourself? Do you then try to flirt with others to mix things up or for excitement? What if you take things one way and the other person takes things a totally different way? Maybe this whole blog will be questions because really I have no idea. All these thoughts run around when I think about this subject.

Personally, I am in an open relationship so flirting is allowed and understood and pretty much expected among other things. Have been in all kinds of relationships in SL and it seems none really work as well as the open ones. I think the key to being open and being able to flirt with others is the honesty that comes along with it. Who would want to feel sleazy by flirting and then hiding stuff from your partner or significant other? What works for one person though may not be right for the other. All this being said, I think about flirting with danger and a little thrill begins to come over me and it may just be addicting. Of course, the dangerous part I am referring to is how others will take your cute comments or sly advances. Others intentions aren’t always known in SL. I wish there was a giant sign over someone’s head screaming what their real intentions were. Wouldn’t that be so easy? That way the harmless flirt wouldn’t turn into one person wanting more than the other did. AHHHHHH!!!

I figured a nice flirty outfit and poses would do the trick to set this post off. I may not have all my thoughts together on the subject, but I at least can look the part! I ran over to the FashionArt Fair and picked up this sexy revealing dress called Julie by B BOS. -{ZOZ}- also released these awesome From Hell heels which are a high slink add on. They really set an edgier and more dangerous feel to the dress. Of course, I could just be standing around and it wouldn’t look near as sexy as I do in this armchair. This chair is made by Demise of Flight and comes with 6 different poses for photos. I enjoy being able to use props for pictures and these were really nice to work with. Everything you need for a sexy flirting adventure can be found at the FashionArt Fair. The fair closes on the 31st of May so not much longer to enjoy these designs! TOOTLES


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