Gypsy Dancing


Some days you just need to dance in the sun and appreciate how great things are. This Aibrean (coastal) skirt and top by Artizana is just the thing to wear. I have more of a bohemian gypsy feel with this outfit and I don’t mind letting others see me dancing around sims as I explore. There is no one gypsy dance… there are several variations but never just one type. The gypsy dance was created as a purpose for seduction. The seduction comes from moves and items to attract someones attention and I believe this outfit does that. It is full of passion and you can tell with the detailing of every inch. Just as the gypsy dancers and the designers do, I hope to bring that same passion into how I live both lives. Just something to think about today. 🙂 If you would like this skirt and top as well, you can run over to Designer Showcase and pick one up just for you! This current round ends on the 26th of May. Take a look around and see what else you might be able to get into. TOOTLES


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