Rock and Relax

Have you ever been so overwhelmed you wondered how you were going to get through things? This week has been one huge step after another and it just became even worse… Not going to go into details but breathing seems a little harder each inhale. I am so thankful for friends and family and amazing sponsors who understand that there are struggles that every person goes through and patience is needed sometimes. I am thankful to log in to SL for a little bit of an escape and be greeted with so many goodies from designers who truly do care. Today I felt more like having a relaxed day of doing much of anything, so when I saw all the designs at Cosmopolitan Sales Room, I was happy I didn’t have to go anywhere else to find what I wanted in an outfit. I am loaded down with goodies today! My tank and shorts are called Say Something from [LG]K Collection. Do you remember the show Friends? I remember being able to sit back and relax and laugh for a full hour and that use to be my relax time before I found blogging. Cute outfit here to help show a favorite. πŸ™‚ Some of the other items I am wearing are the Love necklace and ring from [E.C] Jeweler, ZMAN grey watch by FINESMITH, and of course who could resist these Atlanta slink shoes by Essenz. Everything you need for a fantastic outfit is located all in one place at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room! TOOTLES

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