Shining Star


What does family mean to you? Seems like a loaded question that has often been asked with various answers such as home and loved and things like that. My family in RL means the world to me and so do the ones in SL. The one who seems to always be the one I can count on is my sister Tempest. We pull each others hair out sometimes but she is always there and is always wanting the best for me and for our family. Would have been nice to have our brother, Cameron, there with us for this photo, but RL comes first! So, I guess I should answer the question huh? Family means a lot to me and I never believe that you have to be blood to be family. The important part is that your family uplift you, support you, and teach you to be a better person. If these qualities are met… then yes you are considered my family. I am lucky to have two amazing siblings and an amazing husband here who do just that!

I felt in such a family mood I wanted Temp to join me to show off a new favorite dress for me. I am never one for huge and flashy clothes or dresses. Yes, there is a place for that sometimes, but most of the time I just prefer to look simply elegant. This Starry Sky dress from Poute is the perfect example. If you are curious, Haute Couture Designs will now be known as Poute. I was so excited when I opened the box and put my usual size on and it fit like a perfect custom made glove. The detailing at the top is stunning and a must have for any lady in SL. The belt is an extra add on from the dress and also in the middle of the bow is a stone that matches the dress. You would really need to see it up close to understand how beautiful it is. You can pick up this piece of art at the FashionArt Fair. A must see!!!! TOOTLES



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