SL Takes A Backseat


One thing is for sure… I am ready for another vacation!!!!! The past month and the upcoming month have been crazy and I need a vacation after all of this. Sadly, I will begin summer classes for college next week so this will not be possible. I haven’t been to college in… 8 years!!! The learning curve may be pretty steep, but I ask that everyone please be patient as I will be in RL a lot more coming up. SL will be taking it’s place in the backseat… like 3rd row kinda back seat. I wanted to take the time and live a mini vacation in SL, so I have been exploring and doing a lot more Summer type of things. I took a moment to pause to bring you this new outfit by Hilly Haalan called Colette. I have just discovered this designer because they are now at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, but I am so glad I did!!! Everything you see in the picture on myself comes in this outfit except my hair of course. I have to say I am just slightly in love! I spend a lot of time styling in SL and this outfit saved me so much time. I didn’t have to try and fit pieces together… I just slapped on what came with the outfit and added hair! Come to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and see this for yourself! Such an amazing price as well. TOOTLES


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