Flirting 103

I just wanted to first say… that this little experiment for myself has really been eye opening. Maybe not gone exactly like I had hoped it would, but definitely revealed more than I thought. Someone was quick to point out though…. that it would be beneficial to have an opinion from the male side of things. No, not like the male in my last post that wrote his dating guide! I wouldn’t try to subject you to such a horrific reading experience. I want to ask a few of my male friends some anonymous questions about flirting and see what kind of answers I get. Every person differs… will be fun to see just how they do!


To explain how this will work… I am going to not give out names of the men that I ask. I feel like it will only be fair to get accurate answers and the truth of how they feel. These men I have known for a little while and I feel like these aren’t the type of men who are just trying to get with your pixels! You will know them as Male A, Male B, and Male C. The questions are just based off of some things that I would like to know about from a males point of view.

What attracts you to someone that makes you want to flirt with them?

Male A: Usually personality but that’s not the only thing involved… I mean no one wants to flirt with an ill tempered, depressed stick in the mud, but after that looks matter.

Male B: Outer beauty. They have to be beautiful to my standards

Male C: Many things but mostly open minded and cheerful character.

How do you generally begin flirting with someone and how can you tell they are flirting with you?

Male A: Well you cant always tell but usually its little jokes or subliminal innuendos

Male B: Being funny. Talking about funny stuff to melt the ice

Male C: I really don’t know…its some kind of chemistry that combine many smileys, short and ambiguous messages so you have to think most of the day what the hell she was thinking about and so on… To be truth, in my opinion, there is a thin line between flirt and seducing.

Do you have different levels of flirting ?

Male A: Of course. You don’t flirt with a random person as you would a lover… you never know how it would be taken… turns out I am not always as funny as I think.

Male B: Yes, first can be just compliments and it can get to be sexual later

Male C: Yes. With different personalities goes different ways of flirting.

What do you hope to accomplish with flirting?

Male A: Usually to make new friends.ou never know who you’ll meet

Male B: Meet someone beautiful to go on dates and enjoy exploring even if she lets it go to some sweet love making.

Male C: Hmm… interesting question… I don’t know, maybe attention or just knowing that somebody on this planet has some sort of feeling about you, make people behave better or just… because I can

Have you ever had flirting backfire?

Male A: Of course people can take it that you meant more by it

Male B: Of course, you fail a lot and learn from it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Male C: Yes, many times I blame cultural differences, sometimes age but mostly language, which is hard to translate.

What makes your flirting stop dead in it’s tracks?

Male A:  A poor attitude or if someone gets clingy and weird

Male B:  I’d stop if I don’t like her attitude, if shes distant, emotionless, or if shes seeing someone

Male C: Feeling that the other side is not interested.

Would you flirt with someone that is partnered or taken?

Male A: Yeah, just because I flirt doesn’t mean I have sexual intentions. It is more of an ice breaker

Male B: Not anymore. It means only sex or dealing with the drama of that relationship, I’m looking for a single girl to be with.

Male C: Yes but not with seducing intention, just friendly.


 To think on these answers, I headed over and took a few relaxing shots at TIME OUT. This sim left me a little excited to be able to explore the rest. There is honestly everything you could possibly want to photograph here. From a lovely bridge and river, which I have pictured at the beginning of this post, to a beach and honestly everything in between. There is a lighthouse, a playground, a dancing area, and even a spooky walking area with a creepy house. Definitely a place to spend hours exploring. I even hear they are having a photo contest, if that interests anyone. This also may be a perfect place to meet someone and engage in a little flirting of your own.



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