Avedon Park

I originally started my blog to be a little different. Not your average fashion blog but also not to be in any kind of category. You get tired of looking at the same type of blogs ALL the time. One thing I do have a passion for in SecondLife has been exploring. I find my places in various ways. Either I read the destinations guide, look into travel blogs, or I just hit a random search in SL and just being to teleport around until I find something that is of interest. This brings several questions into mind. I participated in a Monday Meme by Strawberry Singh a while back which asked what your favorite Spring location is in SL, but I never thought about how people find these locations. What is your method of exploring?

This past week FaMESHed opened for the May round with, yet again, some amazing designs and perfect for Spring. I gathered up some of my favorite things and I set out in search of a place to snap a photo. This is generally how I explore. I end up taking the photo and then looking around for future photos. Today, I chose to show this Sophia jumpsuit by Baiastice, Ingrid hair by /Wasabi Pills/, and the Earth Stone Butterfly necklace and ring by Zenith. Also, Hucci has a new subscriber gift set out which are these adorable Waltham Sandals in Coral for high Slink feet. The subscriber group is free and doesn’t take up an extra slot for your groups. After I took a few shots, I began to really look around at Avedon Park. I was actually shocked.

If you have a few minutes please take a journey over to the Avedon Park sim. Yes, the sim is beautiful for Spring and Summer photos with plenty of places for props and interesting photos, but there is more. There are nice cozy spots to dance and get to know someone, plus there is a twist. You will see more futuristic options available to check out as well. I’m not going to give to much away because I feel it should be seen and not just read about.

Happy Exploring! TOOTLES

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