Ladies and Gentleman… I present to you…. the TOLKIEN FESTIVAL!!! Who doesn’t love a shopping festival? There are several themes to this fair so there are many different types of items that can be found around. I was very impressed at the wide range of products listed, but I was even more impressed with RVi Design. They had to put up two shops just to fit the wide variety of items that they are bringing to the fair. Some are even pre releases that aren’t available in store yet like this garden table set you see above. The detailing is divine and this is a must have for any spring and summer garden you are planning. These products are all new mesh as well. Another fun thing for festivals is the set up. You will see all kinds of amazing stores and designs here. Below, I took a photo of one of the RVi Design stores. The journey up to the top of the tower allows you to get a grand view of the festival from up high. Please come take a look before the festival is over! It opened up on April 26th and will last until May 11th, so there is plenty of time left to get your shopping in! TOOTLES



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