Quality Over Quantity

49_006non blur

The Menswear Fashion Week has something for every man, that’s what is so great about it!It caters to every type of guy out there. It is to be expected that the quality of clothing created by these designers. They are the top of the top when it comes to male clothes and they are all in the same place right now. Heaven for the person who hates running around the grid. Makes me feel like a little kid in a candy store. One of the goodies that caught my eye was this amazing drape shirt from ::GB::. I didn’t even have tot try the demo, which is something I never do. I usually always check before buying but not this time. I knew I had to have it no matter how it fit. Even more walking around this candy store and I came across the Dynasty store. I know they always produce fantastic clothes so this was a no brainier. I decided on these amazing jeans with suspenders which are now my new favorite jeans. I have been wearing them with everything. Also, I picked up this nifty drivers cap from Dynasty which is not something I normally would buy. I had to talk myself into it but I am glad I did. For more amazing clothes head down to Menswear Fashion Week, just watch your Lindens… easy to spend there.

– Steve


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