Vacation Time


I was having a chat the other day and have decided to go on a vacation from things… I mean an SL vacation. You hear of people going on these fake honeymoons around the grid… well what is the difference exactly if I just want to get away from some things? I started thinking back to what the past month has been like here for me. It has been full of events and I even took a RL vacation in the middle of it all. I come back and the overwhelming feeling of being gone is like a slap in the face with everything to get done. Just as I am starting to settle back into things, a new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room begins and the releases here just make me want to climb back in my suitcase and head out for another one. All I need is what I have on right? hmm… well just so you all know I wouldn’t ever just take one outfit!


I need to tell you about these releases before I sneak away in SL for a little longer… My bracelet and ring are called Coming up roses by .:Buttery Toast:.. I feel like these adorable little accents really make the outfit feel more spring inspired. My outfit is called City Girl by *ModaMia* and comes in a large range of different colors. This outfit has probably every applier that you can imagine. I had no idea there were so many when I opened up the box. lol šŸ™‚ And last but certainly not least… this adorable suitcase which really inspired me even telling you about wanting an SL vacation is the Open Case blogger pack from Sup’Poses. Lately everyone has been pose crazy with the pose fair and all coming and going but, I like to wait to get my poses from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Some of the best pose designers in my opinion and for such amazing prices. I personally like props to shoot with. Makes the photos more interesting and I wish I could use them more. Sup Poses makes things interesting! Come on down and take a look at all the amazing goodies in the new round… TOOTLES



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