The Good Guy


Trying to be a good guy in SL can sometimes have it’s downsides! For example, people walk right over you sometimes because in SL there might not be any consensuses compared to RL… making it hard for us good guys to get noticed. Most women want a confident man who will treat them right and know where to plant his two feet, but just sometimes a girl comes along and she falls in love with your charm and your stupid jokes and doesn’t care how confident you are just who you are. If your happy with yourself and the way you are then she will be as well. Fella’s, you don’t find many of these rare gems out there so grab hold and never let go because she’s the one. You have to look good to get this amazing women so check out Menswear Fashion Week 2014. It’s in full swing and all the best Male fashion designers out there are getting together and giving you want you need. You will surely stand out as your own individual self in a sea of men that are kind of starting to blend in. One of the designer at MWFW is Blvck Anchor and their amazing suit adds that little bit of class to your wardrobe. The biggest issue I had was picking a colour that I liked the most. How do you end up picking the colours for you? Sometimes I think about what I already have and other times I consider which one actually looks the best. Also, make sure you stop by MR.c for some great new hairstyles. Changing up your hair is always a great way to spruce up any look.

– Steve

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