Penny For A Thought


Sometimes I think you just have to sit alone and let your thoughts catch up to you. We all lead busy lives, 1000’s of thoughts rushing through our head but no time to think about them. Taking that well needed 10-15mins to just sit outside in the sunshine and focus on what really matters can do you a world of good. Let it clear your mind and open it to different outcomes and possibilities. Once you but your mind to it, hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. That’s what I feel Image factory has done with this fantastic hoodie and jeans. They have put hard work and dedication into them and it really does show. They are beautiful to look at from every angle. Just one of those days where you need to relax and think about what you have done and what your going to do. Pick these amazing clothes up at the Menswear Fashion Week 2014 don’t miss out!

– Steve


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