Mix and Match


Don’t you just love when Designers make full outfits and sell them as a whole? It makes our lives easier instead of searching through so many items in our inventory’s trying to find that perfect pair of jeans or shorts or whatever to match the top. When a designer gives you a full outfit, everything already matches like clockwork so there is no  hassle needed. That’s what TS has done with this outfit “Brad-Sky blue” it flows all the way through the outfit. Nothing seems off about it… It’s a  perfect match really. You have got your stylish, smart button down shirt with the nice rolled up cuffs. This is something that I am a huge fan of because it brings a little bit of my RL into my SL. Then you have the casual black cargo shorts that look great. They even have little clips on the pockets. I love designers that go to extra lengths to add little extras to their clothes. Lastly, you have the Shoes which are some nice canvas sneakers. You can’t go wrong with canvas sneakers with whatever you wear. The designer put all these together for you but the best part is you can mix and match if you would prefer to wear something a little different. Say I wanted different shorts or shoes or a different colored shirt. Easy to mix and match with other things. This outfit from TS can be picked up at the Menswear Fashion Week 2014 till the 3rd of May. Hurry while you can, don’t want to miss out on all the amazing menswear. You would be bonkers if you did!

– Steve

MWFW 2014 Schedule

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