Garden SL

One of my favorite movies growing up was the Secret Garden. I haven’t seen this movie in quite a few years but as I remember it… it was some what of a fairytale as the girl found the key to this desperate looking garden which needed her love and care to make things grown into this fantasy of a place. It is a place where dreams grow and flourish. I may not have a secret garden in SL but I have made my home a garden… and I try to make SL a place where things grown and flourish. A place where dreams come true… where people who may not have must of a RL with an illness or someone who is disabled is able to meet others and interact in a fun way. I think about these things daily. Who are we really meeting when we enter this garden of a place. What were they before they found their secret garden or in this case before they found their SL. AHHH the things that go through my mind when I stay up late and blog… BUT I have a really good reason to blog, I promise!

I just have to show you some of the amazing things being shown at the Spring Break Fair 2014. I was going through some of these creations and a few stuck out. This OSITO spring romper in blue daisy made me just feel like I was sitting in a beautiful garden. There are several colors to choose from so you will have your pick! Also, in my hair I am wearing the Flower Essence in peach made by Haute Couture. This flower is offered as a gacha at the fair so go and try your luck! Show me the styles that you make from the items at the Spring Break Fair! It really is a ton of fun 🙂



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