Memory Lane


Spring Break memories have started slowly coming back to me since the Spring Break Fair has begun and honestly it has been a lot of fun. To blog this fair, I put together a long list of old songs that I would blast from my car while driving to the beach. I may end up sharing a few of those a little later. Maybe that will date me some for those who might be curious just how old I am. These songs bring back memories of laying out on the beach for hours and hours each day for a whole week worth of fun. Just what every high school and college kid needs right? L!KE has put out this Teenie Kini in minty leopard just to make me have even more of a throw back. The bikini comes with all the appliers in one handy little HUD as well. There are several colors but I use to have a bikini just like this. I remember we would go weeks before we actually left and have our spring break shopping trips. The things bought then I probably would never wear again in my life… but the memories are still fresh and bring a smile to my face! Run over to the Spring Break Fair and see what memories start coming back to you 🙂 TOOTLES

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