Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to ALL!

This year Cosmopolitan Sales Room has helped me get into the Easter theme with some amazing items. My dress is made by IAF and is the Mercy Dress in blue. This dress comes with all the appliers and also the center portion is mesh with different sizes. To make this more of an Easter theme.. .:Glow Designs:. has made this bunny girl set in silver. It comes in multiple colors but of course silver can go with just about everything. This set includes the two cuffs, the collar, and these adorable bunny ears. I definitely feel like it’s Spring being around this amazing sim as well. If you haven’t been to Dawn of Radiance before, I suggest you take a visit. It is one of those hidden gem sims which more people should know about. So glad a friend told me about this place. 🙂 Run over to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and take a look around before you head over to Dawn of Radiance. Will make for a peaceful day in SL. TOOTLES


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