The Different Side


When you think Spring, most people think about pastel colors, flowers in bloom, and Easter. On the other hand, some people just still like to wear black or darker colors. Personally in RL, I would rather be in black than any pastel color. It washes out my pale skin! Shine by [ZD] has you covered with this Mesh spring dress they have created just for you at the Spring Break Fashion Fair 2014. No matter how you twist it, some people just enjoy the darker side of things. This group of people certainly includes me most of the time. Also, 100 Block has begun and between the failing TPs, -1L errors, and lag I was able to pick up this Gods & Monsters hair created by little bones. It’s worth checking out, but I would probably recommend giving it a week or so. It was just incredibly difficult. I will be going back soon probably though. Well… back to my RL vacation so have a great day everyone 🙂 TOOTLES


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