Is It Time For A Break Yet?


I can feel it…. can you? It happens to be the warmth of the sun shining down while we are finally able to enjoy outdoor activities without FREEZING!! This is about the time that Spring Break happens as well which allows me to introduce to you… The Spring Break Fair 2014!!! The Fair doesn’t actually begin until the 19th of April but I wanted to show you just a couple of things that will be available. First, K-CODE is bringing us a new hairstyle called River. I love hair that has body and this cute side pony tale definitely has it! Second, SUGAR MARMITE has created just the cutest little collar dress called Gradient. It fits really well and is just a playful dress to wear around when exploring and just relaxing around SL. Again… you know I am not going to post a link to the fair just yet but stay tuned for more releases and I will make sure on the day it begins to post a landmark. TOOTLES

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