Autumn Replaces Spring


I love getting lost in the wood with my thoughts. It is such a perfect day and I can’t help but want it to last forever. These days for me only come around once in a blue moon so I am grabbing hold of it and I am going to make it last. A moment of pure bliss is so vital. I had to pick the perfect top for the perfect day and many choices arose, but this top from Blvck Anchor stood out to me, given the setting of the woods…. the design seemed fitting. Yes I know what your thinking it’s very Autumn like in design but that’s a great thing! Autumn is the most beautiful season… all the lush and rich colours. Who said you couldn’t have Autumn in the Spring? It is the time to fall in love all over again. Yes, I did just say love. This top has plenty of colours to choose from, so don’t fear if your not a fan of orange or Autumn. There will be something for you, I promise. Personally, I feel you should just buy all the colours, but then again that is just me. Check it out at Cosmopolitan Sales Room now before it’s too late! A new round begins tomorrow!

– Steve

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