Back In Black


What is your favorite rock song? It is a question I have asked myself since I first started blogging for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, and it is still a question I am asking. How can you possibly pick your favorite song? I think if I am going to fall back on something it would have to be an AC/DC song. No I can’t pick the actual song… that would be equally as hard for me. When I saw this outfit… I imagine it would be something that I would wear to an AC/DC concert. ROCK ON!


At the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair you can find everything needed to rock out at your own concert! My top and pants are the Charmed outfit created by [[Masoom]]. I just love the textures and of course the fit is amazing. No crazy size issues either which is such a relief. My shoes, picture below, are the Seattle pair from Essenz. If you purchase the fatpack you get a lovely hud to change the colors. I was really pleased with all of the colors but of course I needed to go black… back in black after all 🙂 Please hurry down the the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair… A week left 🙂 TOOTLES



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