Jelly Bean Hunt Preview 2

I have spent the last few days getting my home ready for spring. One of my favorite things is the colorful gardens throughout SL and making my home look that way is a major goal for me. I am not amazing at it, but I have fun doing it. I figured why not help myself out by doing the Jelly Bean Hunt. Easter is fast approaching and there are so many amazing items up for grabs. Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, hunt for items you can use to decorate your place. Welcome spring with open arms and let it fill up your SL. Your RL may not be all sunshine… heck its still freezing where I live… but I always feel warmer when I have a nice place to relax in SL.


Going to start with another list! I know how much you love these but it just seems easier if I do them for the hunts… I like to be able to at least add the hints. You can go to the I & R Fun with Hunts blog and get the links to each store there. So here we go again…

  • Window Planters- StoraxTree: Thatched Spring Planter C ; Hint- look near hunt poster
  • Egg decor- Designs by Sebastian: Easter gift silver ; Hint – Baskets and eggs here and there, near one lies a a bean so fair



  • Mushroom- [Park Place] Garden mushroom seat ; Hint- The store’s a mess, we’re fixing up.
    Don’t let it hold you back.Walk in the front and to the left It’s by the FLOWER PLAQUE
  • Basket- You’re The One Animated Duck hatching Easter basket ; Hint- Quack, Quack!
  • Dress- ZEITGEIST: CLARA! minidress ; Hint- Not much to see UP here….
  • Shoes- Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes: Lindy Bally Pink and Lavender ; Hint-Would you like one bean or two? Oops, I meant lump!



To complete my look at my home… I think every lovely garden and home should have some sort of entrance. I just had to show off my new gate, fence, and planter from RVi Design. This stunning set is mesh and really sets off any home with a little extra flair. I wanted to give you a few details… You can purchase the gate and planters separate BUT you can also purchase this as a full set together. I was talking to Roshy and of course she was giving me fabulous ideas with what to do with it all. You can even make a secret garden feel by just putting the gate with a shrubbery wall which brings me back to the movie Secret Garden, but that is for another day! The planters I love because I have set them up around my home, not just on the fence! Currently these are a brand new release at her store and if you are a group member, you get 50% off!!!! She takes care of us all! They won’t be there very long so don’t wait. She releases new items all the time thank goodness. 🙂


Now that I have shown you a ton of things… your turn to be on the hunt and my turn to relax in my new spring garden! Please if you have any questions about any of the items that I blog, please feel free to IM me in world at Tessagrace51! TOOTLES

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