I Put A Spell On You


It’s that time of the month again… Designer Showcase is opening and of course time to do my happy dance! I can always rely on the showcase to have the latest in fashion and style and This outfit is no different. I was sent this outfit created by [.::Loovus Dzevavor::.] and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. The fit is amazing and of course the textures are as well. I wouldn’t expect anything less. The PeepMe Jacket just accents the Scanned pants perfectly. You can get both of these items at the April round of Designer Showcase.

Also want to inform you of a brand new hair designer in SL. Pleased to welcome +Spellbound+ to the hair market with this hairstyle called Ellie. Right now the store is brand new so there are only 3 different styles available. The store itself is very unique and I was impressed. TP over and take a look… I am sure there are plenty of great things that will come!


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