What Can You Do With Your Mouth?


The Rock Attitude fashion fair is in full swing… so much to see so much to try and even more to buy, beware lindens you won’t last long… well I know mine wont! There are so many amazing designers contributing there time to make exclusives for this fair… which you need to have it’s a necessity. One being these Red Trousers with suspenders I’m wearing from ::KK::. I can’t help but fall in love with this designer. I had only found out about ::KK:: a month ago and I can’t keep myself away from buying everything. The trousers look so good, as you could imagine from such a great designer. They have a retro sort of feeling to them to me. They make a fab addition to any outfit. The next item at RAFF is this tank. I saw this tank top made by *SSC* and my eyes lit up and a smile appeared on my face. You always have to have that one top with a funny message on it so everyone can see just how wild you really are! The top comes in with many different messages and they are worth a look. Try something new and see how it works for you. Impulse buys are sometimes my favorite. While your at RAFF I highly recommend checking out the Male pose pack called Rebel made by {Nantra}. It comes with 6 poses plus another 6 which are mirrors of the previous. This is a dream come true for me. I always have that one pose where I need to be facing the other way, but it’s just not there. {Nantra} has thought of it all and I’m so happy they have. Now you can have twice the fun with mirrored poses. hope you like what you see and that you head on down to RAFF, you won’t regret it.

– Steve



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