No April Fools

JBH Sign

This is no April Fools joke! The Jelly Bean Hunt begins today! Do not forget… you can get a list of the stores involved and the hints for each place with a landmark included from the I&R Fun With Hunts blog. Time to fill ya in on some of the items up for grabs. You can also see the items on the hunts blog, BUT I always like to put my twist on the items. So for your first preview…



  • Gachapon!: Gumball jewelry and hairsticks ; Hint:”NO! Don’t fly away with my jelly bean, blondie!”
  • MoonWillow Designs: Spring tie top with mini skirt ; Hint:Tip toe through the tulips
  • Cake Fox Decor: Cupcakes Ceiling Lamp ; Hint:”Real sugar, I don’t wanna climb the walls – Real sugar, that’s what I want or none at all”


  • Pretty Kitty Design: Spring time skirt, top, and heels (not pictured) ; Hint: The Other Jelly Beans Are Big, Furry And Try To Eat Me. 0-o


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