Let Me Rock You


I feel like singing a sweet tune every time I have one of my sponsors doing the same fairs as the ones I blog. It makes me feel good to be able to help put their items out there for everyone to see and appreciate just as much as I do. Haute Couture is one of my favorite designers and I was thrilled when she asked me to blog for her. I was even more thrilled to see her designs at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. This Attitude top in plum is one of her amazing designs. You can’t see it from my photos, but most of the back is out with a lovely spiked strap across the back. You can pick this top up in 5 different shades. Also, everyone knows I am a sucker for amazing and different poses. {NanTra} has released the songbird blogger pack which are available at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. The poses come with the microphone that you see in these pictures. I hope you take advantage of the fair as soon as you can! Why wait? TOOTLES



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