Medieval Fantasy Fair 3


I know, I am really late on letting everyone know about this fair… I am not sure if you have heard but the Medieval Fantasy Fair 3 has been going on since March 22nd and you have until the 30th of March to get in and grab your goodies. The theme this year is Dark Bloody Tales and you can tell by the decor. It is a very dark and interesting place. If you don’t go to purchase, at least go to see the designs around the sim. I was blown away.


RVi Design is taking part in this blood thirsty fair and everything is for sale. Roshy has released a ton of new items here which you do not need to miss. Everything in the store is for sale… including the curtains and the coffin in the center if you were thinking of an alternative to your bed.


One of these items is the new Immortal Crypt. I have been “dying” (pun so intended) for this release and have been watching her build this for a while now. She will tell you I am first in line for this item!!!! It is a mesh build, so if you are looking for something to add to your sim or home then this is the item. For me personally, I want to use this as a prop. I like to do darker photos sometimes and I look forward to using this in blogs to come. Did I mention detail? You have to see it to believe it! You can purchase the crypt on the opposite side of the sim where she has it set up so you can actually walk around it. Hope you make it in time to get all the goodies and sight see 🙂 TOOTLES


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