It Will Blow You Away

Usually when I do previews for events, I only post a couple of items in one post. This time around, there is absolutely NO way I could do that! When you think rock… what comes to your mind? I think of so many different things which include classic rock and that brings me back to the Beatles. Then I go as far as the hard rock and then there is heavy metal. Each person has a completely different interpretation of what ROCK means and it has been so much fun seeing what all the designers come up with.

Here is another preview for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair which begins on Saturday. I am going to have to do something that I do not normally do… a list! Honestly there are so many items that are part of the fair in this post that I cannot just write about them or you will be here all day reading. You all know that I never blog something I do not like…. So here we go…

  • Skin: Rock Attitude girl – by 7 Deadly s{K}ins
  • Dress: Hooded Dress in black – by [G] Glitzz
  • Tattoo: Shine – by Infected
  • Hairpiece: Rockstar Glam Hair Clip – by Frogstar
  • Bag: Electric Shoulder Bag (gacha- rare) – by Frogstar
  • Necklace: Scorpion Necklace – by POMPOSITY
  • Shoes: Militia Boots – by DEADPOOL

WOW!!! ALL of these items that I just listed will be at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair. Imagine if I attempted to write about all of this… You would get so bored with me telling you how fabulous it all is! I know your itching to get there and see all of these items now. HEHE Just a couple of more days…



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