Tempting Pleasure

The smell of leather and musk feel my senses as my eyes begin to slowly adjust, barely making out the cage in the center of the room for display and trying to make out the outlines behind the almost sheer curtains. An erotic feel shivers down my spin and I am thankful that I dressed the part. No idea where I might end up when this is all over… but before I begin in my journey to self exploration, let me tell you about what I chose to wear for this occasion. I plan on being on a showcase… so I grabbed this slinky red cocktail from this months round of Designer Showcase. It was enticing me in the store to dare put it on. {U.R.} created this secret weapon dress dress in red… the color of seduction and it is definitely lethal. No, this dress is not mesh but the skirt prim is mesh. Lola and Phat Azz appliers do come with and you can choose with or without lace… whatever your flavor of the evening might be. Now, I must retire from my photos and blog… as whatever I happen to do next… will not be rated low enough for this blog. I hope you have a captivating evening! TOOTLES


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