Weight Watchers

So for the past week, I have been on the Weight Watchers diet. I am not sure if you have ever heard of this diet but it works! Thursday night was my first weigh in, and yes it is in public with 50 people looking at your total, and I lost a total of 6.2lbs in the first week!!! Needless to say I was thrilled with the results. I have a two year old who keeps me busy but not enough to make me stop snacking when he does and not enough to take off the unwanted baby weight. This may be more than you care to know… but those close to me have had to deal with my mood swings from being hungry on top of just my usual mood swings. ;P For my first week I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate with my sister… ya know… go out to lunch and have a nice time.


If any of you know my sister Tempest, then you know she loves to joke around and have a great time. She took me to this sweet shop… knowing good and well that I will look at all this food and my stomach will start speaking to me. So to take my mind off of this I figure why not blog on the outfits. Most of you don’t know this but my need to blog is directly proportionate to my need to snack… If I want to snack, I say no I have to blog first and usually that need to snack goes away so here we go… When she asked me to go I was trying on this new dress by *Asteria Creations* called Nisa. You can find it now at the current round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room but let me warn you… going will result in buying more than just this dress I will assure you! I never do full credits so you should visit my sisters blog to view those and her photo of the adventure as well…  She is a very talented photographer and blogger. I am lazy so I usually just focus on one item or event at a time 🙂


I have a confession though… I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar as we were leaving and I got so flustered I dropped them… but no worries! The 10 second rule is always in tact when on a diet. Never know when the chance may come again for another cookie. Hope you have a great day! TOOTLES

3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers

  1. Congrats! And don’t worry, one cookie doesn’t erase 6 and a half poinds! I did weight watchers once when I needed to lose some weight after the holidays. Loved it! Drink all the water and maybe a little extra, if you drink a glass before you eat it tends to make you eat less. And the hunger, I remember I was so hungry for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it was just gone. That was what I remember anyway. Good luck! ♡

    • Thanks Cao!!! Yes I have been drinking as much water as I can without making myself sick. Of course I will be posting about my struggle with weight here so it will be one more way to stay accountable… It also helps that the cold cold is leaving and we can finally get outside and enjoy 🙂

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