You Can Leave Your Hat and Hearts On

When one reaches a certain age (and we will not specify the threshold, obviously), dressing formal starts to be the norm. Business suits, well designed coats, a tie and, of course, a flat cap to keep the ideas warm are sometimes needed.


Today I am trying to look fancy and making sure the arms are not really used as this coat forced me to keep my arms and hands close to the body; clearly a good option for standing around, taking pictures but it won’t really do as a groping times outfit… when the groping times come, then we will need to get rid of the extra fabric and go down to basics… and what is more basic that sharing one’s hearts with the other?


The flat cap hat is from a new store, for me, Sharp [ZD] there are 3 colors available and I liked the grey the most. Needless to say that while I was shooting the pictures a song came to mind that would best describe the feelings between the sharp dressed Don at Mayfair from the barechested Demi-God portrayed at Elysion… and the song is…
Because I like to match all my outfits, I picked up just the grey version of the boxers, when buying them I saw that there were 6 packs with 3 colors each, so there is something for mostly everyone’s taste! Both the suit and the boxers are from this month run of the men’s department; an event that I do not like in general too much considering that the styles portrayed are quite far away from my own singular taste; I will admit that these pieces surprised me.


Let me know what you think and please, keep the hands inside the coat at all times!

Need to knows:

* Suit: Jason by Diram at Mens Department
* Boxer short by Shai at Mens Department
* ‘Sharp dressed Guy Flat Cap’ by Sharp [ZD]

SLURL to Mens Department:
SLURL to Sharp Dressed Guy:

Pictures shot on locations:
Mayfair (suit):
Elysion (boxer short):

– Don Mill


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