Are You Down?

Every now and then I begin to doubt myself… Do other bloggers do this? Feel like maybe your not doing all that you can and maybe need to step it up or maybe change something? I think it is a natural reaction to do this. No one can be completely confident all the time. I know the things that drive my confidence and yes they are very selfish. The small compliment or the acknowledgement that an improvement is noticed are just a couple of things. No I do not want my ego stroked or anything like that but it is nice to receive true compliments sometimes, not just feeling like you have to be nice. I can also see when people are being real with me… for example… if you tell me my photos look amazing all the time then I know your lying. Don’t look down or away… you know you are! It is rare that someone takes a shot they are always happy with 100% of the time. What I would prefer is suggestions… it is really nice when people make suggestions to make things better. Now not everyone wants a suggestion all the time, otherwise your confidence would really shoot down feeling like you haven’t done anything right. It is a very slippery slope!

None of what I just wrote probably makes any sense at all… I think its just a bunch of my thoughts thrown into one post and not really in any specific order. I do apologize, but all I am trying to say is that lately I have needed a tad of a booster… and I think this is it!

I just needed something sexy and fun to wear and I would be fine! I know I can always go to Cosmopolitan Sales Room and every 2 weeks there are new items there to make me look not so boring! I picked up this Spring Frill dress by .:Glow Designs:. to hug my curves and add a little fun into my day. The colors of this dress really stood out to me because I do love to wear touches of red here and there but there are also other colors to choose from. Slipped on my Hucci Payson heels which I got for the 21shoe event and pulled my hair to the side, which is by TRUTH. To add to the red tones, I put on some -{ZOZ}- Floral Etch Elegant nail polish. Also at Cosmo, you can get these cute poses by Sup Poses. This adorable clutch is not included with the poses but you can find it at Chop Zuey up in the sky boutique if you like.

Basically the whole reason I wrote this post was to tell you that if you ever find yourself feeling down and needing a little bit of a boost… I understand! An outfit that makes you feel sexy and confident can do wonders! Go ahead and check out the Cosmopolitan Sale Room because there will be something there to make you feel like a million bucks! TOOTLES


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